English name: Can I help you?


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«Can I help you» is a short drama, which disguises itself as a prepubescent coming-of-age story in one key scene. Mara is 11 years old and her body has started changing. Since the death of her mother, she’s been lacking a female trusted guidance. Sadly, it is not possible for her to share this moment, where she gets her first bra. On top of that, Mara is too embarrassed to confide in her father. Not only does she have to dare to go in alone in the store, but also she is confronted with her mother’s absence – literally. Life goes on, even after her mother’s death. And something as simple as buying a needed bra becomes symbolic for Mara’s growth and new found independence. ‘’Kann ech Iech weider hellëfen?’’ is about that particular, vulnerable moment, which encompasses change and loss. The ‘’letting go and moving on’’. Mara learns – what is the first lesson towards adulthood – that she can be her own champion, while also saying good-bye to her beloved mother.