“Best student /Women doc” (2016)

“Jury Prize” JUKOWO Differdange (2016)

“Jury Prize” Les Courts métreurs. Luxembourg (2017)

‘’There are issues and themes of great passion and importance running through this work. Well ‘cast’ documentary with a genuine rapport to the main characters’’ – N.G. Bristow 

‘’Straightforward, compelling, peppered with moments of insight and with refreshing candour!’’ – Met Film School London 

»mindtheRap» aims to be a glimpse into the female upcoming rap world. It is set in London, capital of the grime movement and gives us an introduction to Sharee Lewis, Graziella Affinita and Tanita Sikes. The three started their adventure into music as songwriters, tapping first their foot into the rap genre and gaining confidence over the years. These rappers come from different backgrounds and their talents are characterized by the diversity of their interests.